Summer 2020 Plan

Lifeguards -


Want to know what's going on for this summer? Below is the proposed plan that we have been sharing with your pool Boards. Things will certainly be different this year, but we are positive that we will be keeping you and the patrons safe.

When our Stay at Home order is lifted, swimming pools will reopen in accordance with local guidelines.  At Pool Guards, Inc., we aim to provide you with the safest pool environment possible.  As such, we have formulated a Covid-19 action plan.

This action plan has 3 main focuses to keep your facility safe.


  1. Establish a disinfecting schedule.  We have already purchased all necessary cleaning materials and supply for the entire pool season.  These will be utilized at your facility FREE OF CHARGE.  Disinfection of the following areas will be performed during each block of pool usage. (either 2 hour or 1.5 hour increments as determined by pool board).
    1. Water fountains
    2. All door handles
    3. Pool ladders and railings
    4. Pool chairs/tables
    5. Intensive locker room cleaning
    6. Sinks, bathroom stall handles/doors, soap dispensers, paper towel dispensers, floors


  1. Establish a maximum capacity for your facility, and allow patrons in on a first come, first serve basis until the pool’s capacity is reached.
    1. Facility maximum capacity will be determined by the number of patrons that can safely utilize chairs set 6ft apart.  This will allow for proper social distancing on pool decks.
    2. Encourage use of face masks while patrons are not in the water for all patrons ages 2 and up.
    3. All front desk and concession staff will wear face masks.
    4. Tape 6 foot markers outside pool entrances to enable social distancing, while pool passes are being checked for entry.
    5. All patrons will have their temperatures checked via a touchless digital thermometer.

i.      Any patron presenting with a fever will be denied entry to the pool.

    1. Either eliminate pool parties, or limit number of guests allowed at each party.
    2. Shoes will not be allowed on the pool deck.


  1. Limit Usage Duration (Optional)
    1. Post pool usage times in 2 hour blocks.  At the end of each block of time, the facility will be cleared for 30 minutes for facility disinfection.
    2. Optional: Designate a time specifically for at risk population to utilize facility.